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Nisa Homes

Not Alone Tote Bag

Not Alone Tote Bag

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Wear this tote bag to let your friends and family know you are here for them. Make a statement that we are stronger together.

You are not alone: A message that encompasses Nisa Homes’ mission, as well as validates that we are not alone and don't need to be, because we need support while we are healing. Often survivors are critical of themselves if they can't make it on their own or get better by themselves, and this phrase validates that we all heal in togetherness. 

About the Campaign: It is a series of shirts with supportive phrases that should be the first response to women coming out about abuse, seeking help, or telling their story. The main goal of the campaign is to create a safe space and togetherness that embodies the best way we can support women: just begin by listening and validating.The phrases encourage a culture of empathy and believing survivors of abuse and sexual assault.

Designs by: Hafsa Khizer

Product Description: 

  • 14” W x 16” H
  • 12 ounce Cotton Canvas
  • 100% Natural cotton processed AZO-Free, with no hazardous chemicals
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